Customer display in the top shape

Epson DM-D210

Epson DM-D210
  • Bright vacuum fluorescent display
  • 2x20 characters, 11 mm character size
  • Good visibility due to elevated display head
  • Readable from every angle
  • Swivel-mounted display head
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The display head of the Epson DM-D210 customer display is placed on an elevated position, on top of a 45 cm long stem. It presents 2 x 20 shining green characters against a black background that, with a size of 11 mm, are well visible even from greater distances.

The DM-D210 also offers extensive programming and setting options as e.g. the slow fade-in and fade-out of characters, ticker texts, twinkling, etc. The worldwide-spread ESC/POS command of the display makes integration into the cash register software easy, since many manufacturers support this command set (OPOS optional).