Compact customer display with USB port

Epson DM-D30

Epson DM-D30
  • High-contrast LCD customer display for hospitality and retail
  • Bright 2 x 20 character display with soft backlighting
  • Reliable: life cycle of up to 30,000 operating hours
  • Available in black or white
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With the customer display Epson DM-D30 you visibly and attractively present information for purchase completion, messages for visitors and more. Simply connect it to get started its many areas of application include food retailing, but also gas stations, restaurants, boutiques, to name a few. The display comes in either black or white, whichever better fits the individual application.

The DM-D30 softly displays up to 95 alphanumeric and 37 international characters (including Kanjis) in white with blue backlighting. For the presentation of welcome texts, billing details, thank-you notes and more it features 2 x 20 characters, each of them sharp and vivid in a resolution of 8 x 16 pixels. Thanks to the swiveling display, it does not matter whether you place the device on the counter, the printer or in another position just point it at the viewer.